Intellectual property rights are related to the core competitiveness of enterprises. However, at present, the administrative protection of intellectual property such as patent rights and trademark rights in China is rather weak. Every year, millions of commercial profits are lost to the hands of counterfeiters. In order to safeguard our own commercial interests and quickly and effectively prevent the illegal infringement of counterfeiters, we have maintained long-term liaison with relevant government departments. We have assisted many internationally renowned enterprises and authorized agencies in the first and second-tier cities in mainland China. Carry out centralized and accurate strikes, and implement maintenance-based regular market monitoring, effectively explore, combat, and curb the harm of counterfeiting and selling fakers to the intellectual property rights of commercial enterprises, and maintain a good market competition.

Ao-Zhi Company uses our unique investigation concepts and reconnaissance methods in the field of business investigation for major and complicated IPR infringement cases to solve practical problems quickly and efficiently for customers.

In the event of alleged misuse, infringement, or misappropriation, disclosure of patents, trademarks, copyright infringements or trade secrets, as well as concerns about compliance with the licensing agreement, our intellectual property experts can help the parties and their lawyers prepare the law to be used immediately.

Our work provides comprehensive litigation support, for example, to help expose facts and case assessments, to prepare for analysis of damage issues, to analyze objections from opposing experts, to prepare statements during oaths and trials, and to provide testimony from expert witnesses.

Ao-zhi has been working on intellectual property-related disputes in various industries, including manufacturing, medicine, software technology, consumer goods and entertainment; our preparation for analysis takes advantage of our understanding of the law to distinguish Different types of disputes and jurisdictions are also assisted by our diverse and experienced experts.
Trademarks represent the credibility of a company or individual, safeguard the reputation of the trademark, and better protect the interests of consumers and producers and operators. In recent years, trademarks have been maliciously squatted, forged, translated, etc., and it is not uncommon for trademark holders to suffer damage to their reputation and interests. It is imperative for trademark users to protect their trademark rights from others. What should we do once we get infringed?

Comprehensive collection of evidence materials
Collect relevant and favorable evidence of direct and indirect interest in the case, for example, some official documents, registrations, notarizations, etc. of the state administrative organs; originals, originals and copies, reproductions, etc. In addition to the evidence materials that the infringer should be legally protected, the evidence of the infringer's losses and influence on the infringed person should also be proved. Several different types of evidence are consistent with an isolated evidence, so the stronger evidence for the case is the better.
Objectively analyze the case and choose the way to protect right.
According to the factual evidence such as the collected evidence materials, combined with the subjective tendency of the infringed person, choose the path of rights protection that best meets the actual situation. In order to guarantee the probability of success, or to choose a more efficient judicial process, a variety of procedures can be selected at the same time to protect the interests of the infringed person.

Application document
Collect evidence, choose the path of safeguarding rights, and after the preparation work is completed, the most important thing is the statement of the infringed person. The statement should explain the infringer's specific infringement and strong argumentation analysis, so that the corresponding law enforcement agencies can more objectively judge the actual situation of the case and understand the application request of the infringed person. Therefore, the writing of the paper accounts for an important part of the success or failure of the case.

Patience and cooperation
Because the case will have different trial cycles, after the infringer has submitted the application, it must maintain sufficient patience and maintain good communication and active cooperation with relevant law enforcement agencies.
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