Due Diligence Solutions
In today’s era, all kinds of financial transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, public offerings, joint ventures, private equity investments, venture capital and other investments, are facing unprecedented risks.

Although these financial transactions usually involve huge investments in capital and other resources, the establishment of these transactions is usually based on some expected benefits and projected profits, rather than a comprehensive consideration (including business relationship, management experience or financial data). Ao Zhi’s business background due diligence team can make full use of the most complete database, and in-depth analysis of public records, and with the domestic and foreign elite networking, based on the face of the financial exchange to identify potential vulnerabilities and risks, in order to increase the probability of successful trading.

Over the past ten years, Ao Zhi has helped a large number of financial institutions, private equity groups, enterprises and their legal advisors to conduct a thorough and in-depth investigation of the expected transactions, minimizing their risks and ensuring the success of the transaction.

The company provides customers with comprehensive business background information and intelligence, including personal and corporate reputation, financial and business history, key non-financial information statements, litigation and dispute records, environmental responsibilities, and other actual or undisclosed matters.

We carefully distinguish false statements or non disclosure of significant facts, financial management and financial system problems, obviously exaggerated performance prediction or overestimate the amount of assets, not recorded or underestimated the amount of liabilities, management or operation of the major issues, and independent enterprise valuation. Through our research, we can identify any concerns of customers, so that customers can manage the identified risks, including adjusting or re pricing transactions, or even withdraw from transactions.
When there is a potential risk of the business relationship between the business partners, or when the business partners engaged in business activities in high risk jurisdictions or industry, the need for the relevant company"s history, reputation and / or the responsible person of the individual and occupation background for additional research and analysis.

Our enhanced diligence solutions (level I and II Research) can find information related to risk. With this information, our customers will be able to make wise business decisions.

Enhanced due diligence solutions we can provide affordable and efficient improvement plan for the customer, satisfy the customer evaluation of potential investment projects and business partners, to help customers meet regulatory compliance requirements (anti money laundering, understand the customer, "FCPA" etc.), especially in the high risk area of jurisdiction. Our solutions integrate data, technology, and human intelligence, which allows us to quickly identify and analyze facts. Like all the other solutions we provide, the enhanced due diligence solution can be managed by the customer through the due diligence website of Ao Zhi company. On this platform, customers can implement programming management for diligence activities.

The analyst of Ao-Zhi company widely consulted information from various media (local regulatory and court database information) to confirm occupation registration and ownership, and to assess regulatory risk and the possibility of being involved in legal proceedings. In some jurisdictions, there is less information available on the Internet. When customers need more information about the investigation object and associated companies in these areas or when the need to identify the survey of nature, political background and commercial activities, enhanced due diligence team in access to public records at the same time we will survey, personally to the location of the investigation.

The strengthening and conscientious investigation team of Ao Zhi company is proficient in research, observation and enquiry. The team members include former prosecutors, journalists, law enforcement officers and experienced industry professionals. They can deeply explore hidden information and provide detailed findings about the business activities and reputation of the respondents.

In addition, as part of an investigation of risk factors, we analysts widely collect and research the print media and network media, social media, blogs and public records (including English information including local language information), focus on find negative and risk related information on the note.
In today"s global business environment, many enterprises deliver some of the key business operations to foreign suppliers, which provides a significant business opportunity. Of course, this can also lead to new risks and not only to reputation risk. At present, enterprises must manage risks themselves and monitor and analyze business relationships to prevent all kinds of risks, from bribe to money laundering, from product recall to fraud. The third party and supplier screening solution for the AoZhi company By providing a systematic way of collecting business partners" information, verifying information, quantifying the main risks and conducting due diligence when necessary, we can help global enterprises and organizations implement compliance management against corruption. The high-tech platform we provide supports a variety of functions, such as information browsing, information archiving, and auditing, which can be used to complete third party and supplier screening in one step.

Integrated technology: Aozhi company provides the data management platform to the customer. Through this platform, customers can inquire about their business partners" situation, collect important information, information, reference materials and certification documents, and confirm that business partners are in line with the code of conduct and industry practices. More importantly, we provide the technical data and due diligence can be third party work flow together, promote the customer’s internal team (compliance, legal, security and other departments) and the communication between our research analyst, at the same time can also carry out complex compliance reporting and real-time access to key information.

High quality and efficient due diligence: Our research ability is the first in the industry. Over the past 5 years, we have completed around a thousand commissioned investigation projects around the world, providing survey reports to customers in more than 10 languages. Our business processes and pricing are also open and transparent. Before hire the Ao-zhi company.The customer will be able to know exactly the information that can be found through the third party due diligence, the cost to be paid, and the time it takes to obtain the results of the investigation.

Strong professional team:Ao-zhi company has a strong team of knowledge-based expertise, and its members include a government turnover person with a wealth of business investigator compliance and industry experience.

Case study: manufacturers screen sales agents around the world
A leading industrial manufacturer in the world has invited Kroll to conduct systematic compliance and screening of all sales agents in the world by systematization and standardization. As a part of the action plan, customers want to review more than 10 thousand agents, to ensure that they comply with the code of conduct for customers; and obtain the overall situation, the company’s new partner management, compliance control, financial and other related information; in addition, to identify these agents may have the government membership information and legal actions.
Generally, Identify the identity of the customer and the source of wealth and prevent fraud in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory regulations is not the strength of the customer, In the constantly changing and expanding regulatory environment ,new legislation The Ao-zhi company is very concerned with these new developments and makes due diligence and research solutions to help customers perform these new compliance responsibilities. requires companies to comply with new rules of compliance.

This is one of the core competencies of the company. We help clients develop compliance goals and processes, and then help them implement these processes, so as to generate comprehensive, audited compliance data for regulatory review. In addition, we also review the existing compliance policies of our customers to ensure that they are comprehensive and complete.
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