In the field of fraud investigation, Ao-Zhi has been the first in the industry.

Our experienced investigation team identified facts for customers, identified what happened, identified criminals, reduced or recovered losses, and helped customers rebuild trust with shareholders, partners, customers, regulators and other stakeholders.

The most prominent professional strengths of Ao-Zhi company include making effective investigation strategy, deploying expert level investigation team, and solving problems quickly and effectively in all parts of the world.

Ao-Zhi company has unmatched extensive resources, which can provide many kinds of investigation and processing methods that meet customer’s requirements, including forensic accounting, electronic evidence raising and other advanced methods. At the same time, it will also use traditional investigative tools, such as secret investigation and surveillance. Our investigation team is made up of former prosecutors, forensic accountants, investigators, computer forensics experts and intelligence analysts. They have broad and solid professional skills. This is our advantage.

The company is working closely with its customers" senior management team and legal advisers. After evaluating and identifying the main purpose of a customer, we usually investigate quickly, aiming to identify the source of information and the person responsible for wrongful acts. Effective surveys usually include the following aspects: face to face inquiries for employees, identification of non employee witnesses, location, retrieval and analysis of key documents and materials, and effective strategies for risk management. We will regularly communicate with customers during the investigation to ensure that the execution of the survey is consistent with the customer’s goals.

Case study: Employee fraud
A global retailer suspected that the chief executive of the Chinese company has carried out a series of illegal commercial transactions, leading to a huge amount of bad debt. So the commissioned the CEO was investigated by Ao-Zhi company, the main content of the survey, including its background and social relations. After careful investigation by Ao-Zhi company, we confirm the following facts: the CEO is associated with many entities that are not disclosed to the head office, which are illegally incorporated into the global retailer’s distribution chain. In the end, the client revoked the CEO"s position and retracted the management of the Chinese company. Ao-Zhi company provides a great support for protecting the safety of customers, helping customers achieve overall control of their Chinese companies, and making their business continue.

Case study: investigation of accusations by whistle blowers
Workers from a major American company in Thailand sent out an anonymous email that revealed violations of bribes and rebates in the factory. Through the investigation, Ao-Zhi company’s team revealed the fraudulent practices of the local senior management team in the factory, including supplier to related false invoices (double high fees) and provide a list of employees to claim rebates, forged wages, and bribing local politicians.
In the process of turning to paperless office, enterprises are increasingly relying on computers and other electronic office equipment to improve their work efficiency. At the same time, enterprises are also facing more challenges: including intellectual property protection, internal fraud investigation, and protecting their reputation from external negative effects.

Ao-Zhi’s computer forensics expert can make use of the most advanced technology nowadays to recover and utilize the key electronic evidence, and serve for litigation, investigation and other facts finding actions. We can determine whether electronic evidence is deleted or modified, analyze the content of electronic information and the mode of Internet and e-mail usage, restore deleted data, and evaluate and interpret meta-data in the recovered document.

We can usually recover data from the hard disk, even if someone tries to remove the data completely from the hard disk. Ao-Zhi company makes a scientific forensic analysis, so that customers can use our findings to track illegal behaviors of stealing intellectual property and counterfeiting products online, and find defamation anonymously conducted by their competitors or dissatisfied employees.

The experts in our team are good at maintaining the integrity of the evidence and improving the admissibility of the evidence. In court, we may state a statement or state the results of our evidence analysis by signing an oath, and we have a wealth of experience. In addition, we are often commissioned to serve as third party administrators, that is, in accordance with the agreement of the parties to the dispute, we have only one opportunity to review the data.
The company has a business monitoring plan for private enterprises to detect and monitor fraud and / or immoral behavior and enhance internal integrity in the organization. In addition, in carrying on the supervisory commission entrusted by the government agencies, the company has quite a lot of experience. These government agencies or enterprises and institutions usually need to conduct in-depth monitoring of the illegal activities of the organizations they found. They involve the supervision of public service departments and private enterprises in many industries.

Ao-Zhi company’s professional team consists of experienced and proficient in professional knowledge and skill of professional consultants, their professional background includes legal, financial, compliance management, business consulting, law enforcement, loss prevention, auditing, accounting, journalism, computer forensics, security, and are experts in these fields.

Ao-Zhi has a strong team composed of experienced professionals. The team members have superb skills, which can fulfill the tasks of monitoring compliance, professional ethics and law-abiding education. Besides, we also have investigators, forensic personnel, accountants, researchers and other professionals working in various offices at home and abroad, which makes our team more powerful.

Ao-Zhi company has unmatched extensive resources, which can provide many kinds of investigation and processing methods that meet customer’s requirements, including forensic accounting, electronic evidence raising and other advanced methods. At the same time, it will also use traditional investigative tools, such as secret investigation and surveillance. Our investigation team is made up of former prosecutors, forensic accountants, investigators, computer forensics experts and intelligence analysts. They have broad and solid professional skills. This is our advantage.
Entering the new and unfamiliar market will cause enterprises to invest quite a lot of resources, the company may face many unexpected risks, and not only lead to the failure of market entry but also may damage the global reputation of enterprises.

By predicting risk and providing guidance, Ao-Zhi company can help companies enter into those countries that are not well built. In past 10 years, Ao-Zhi company has been working to help customers expand their business and profit in the difficult market. With a strong information network, we provide customers with more extensive in-depth research and analysis, far deeper than the analysis based on publicly available information.

We have an accurate judgement of the information that is acquired domestically, with unmatched deep understanding, accuracy and credibility of information, and delicate balance between politics and commerce. The framework of our market entry strategy is based on exclusive research on relevant information. We focus on a comprehensive understanding of the competitive environment, identify and assess potential business partners, relevant personnel and regulatory agencies, and conduct a comprehensive assessment of the political, social, economic and operational risks. In some markets, the negative impact of illegal or unethical behavior will seriously hinder enterprise market development efforts, leading to long-term financial and reputational loss. Our local experts in the target market have considerable insight, and are good at identifying potential links between planned investment projects and illegal factors. Once the relevant risk is identified, we will immediately help the customer to develop an operation to manage these risks.

Case study: domestic direct investment from an Asian Bank
To expand its project financing business, an Asian bank plans to offer a $1 billion loan to a Natural Resources Corp. This Natural Resources Corp has a very big project in a new market. The bank not only focuses on the reputation of the borrower, but also its negative impact on the organization’s ability to organize syndicated loans. It also focuses on the government’s attitude towards foreign direct investment. Owing to the bank’s entrustment, Ao-Zhi company conducted a related research. After research we find although the borrower had no bad historical records, the domestic political environment of the borrower’s country was much worse than which the bank expected. Accordingly, the bank has revised the terms and conditions of the loan.

Case study: assessing potential threats to an enterprise
A French company hired Ao-Zhi company to assess the operational risks faced by a plant to be acquired by the company. This company hired academics, local government officials and other experts brainstorming, to understand the social environment, demographic data, race and religion of the location of the plant, and the interaction between policy makers, the media and civil society. The company has compiled detailed research reports, providing accurate analysis of key operational risks to customers, and providing guidance for establishing good labor and community relations.
For an enterprise, whether it is competing with established companies in the mature market, or enter new markets and unfamiliar local enterprises – the success depends on a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. Ao-zhi company collects strategic information that can help customers to gain competitive advantage in the market.

We have rich experience in many industries, and the survey business is all over the world, which allows us to accurately evaluate the competitive environment that customers are engaged in. We can identify and find out the key factors of customer competition to win in the competition, some factors such as political relations, government subsidies, market restrictions or even fraud, may constitute an unfair advantage. We can also identify and find the best legal operation methods in customer competition supply chain, which can produce higher profit margins or cheaper products.

When customers want to find a target or a joint venture, they always turn to the Ao-zhi company to describe the competitive environment. Especially in domestic and European regions, customers want to know its competitors in the government and regulators influence. When we are engaged in research, we strictly abide by the law and the highest standards of professional ethics. After the investigation is completed, we provide the customer with the information that can guide action, according to which the customer can make the competitive strategy and tactics.

Case study: to eliminate the competitive disadvantage of the enterprise in the food industry.
A large global consumer company is worried about its business performance and main business indicators of its food business department (a small business department of the company) the performance is not very good and needs Ao-Zhi company to help them.
After being commissioned, our professionals made an in-depth analysis of the supply chain (from procurement to customer management) of their food industry counterparts. Through close cooperation with the internal team of the customer, we have put forward comprehensive remedial advice to help customers set strategic priorities and eliminate competitive disadvantages.

Case study: redefines the product of a special chemical manufacturer.
A chemical product is facing new competition after similar products approved by the competitors they are seeking help from the Ao-Zhi company. Through research, we find that the competitor has been contacted with hundreds of customers, many of them are interested in the product and intend to purchase. We have provided an early warning to our customers so that customers adjust their product supply and cost structure in time to win out in the competition.

Case study: competitors try to bring shame on a global packaging system supplier.
A global packaging system supplier hired Ao-zhi company to research its main competitor--- A Chinese company, The competitor said that our customers have unfair competition, and launched the media and marketing offensive for it. The professionals of the Ao-Zhi company researched the reputation, ownership structure, management and historical business records of the company.The survey results show that the competitor enjoys strong support from the government, but its business registration is illegal and there is a problem of cash flow, and there are similar attacks on the industry in the past. Using the information we provide, the customer effectively protects its market position.
The objective of the traditional business due diligence is to predict the performance of the enterprise in a market and competitive environment.

However, in some industries or sectors that are not transparent, or lack of reliable information in emerging market or frontier market, business surveys alone may not be enough to make investment decisions. The company combines the commercial due diligence with the political risk assessment and the reputation risk assessment to provide customers with a unique integrated investment due diligence method.

The integration method of due diligence Augus partners of the company will not reveal their business due diligence can match the undisclosed liabilities ability perfectly together, the so-called undisclosed liabilities including the investigation of historical stain (corruption and bribery), the surveyed enterprises and its responsible person’s reputation, political background and the influence of the future, returns for investors to accurately and realistically assess.

The commercial due diligence advanced analysis of information technology and high-level gathering together, the investigation report Augus partners company to provide background information needed to forecast sales growth, and based on the deep understanding of the purely commercial and political factors or credit problems, lists the various possible scenarios and carries on the analysis.

Case study: a European company has entered China’s logistics industry
A European company is planning to establish a joint venture in China, so he has commissioned a survey of Chinese logistics companies. Among 5 candidate China logistics companies, the customer’s investment team has chosen one of the key research targets. The professional staff of the company have analyzed the overall situation of China’s logistics industry and the main logistics enterprises from the commercial point of view. At the same time, it is also found that China is going to introduce a law that will make non-state-owned logistics enterprises in a disadvantageous position in some logistics fields. The findings have a direct impact on our business due diligence and forecast of the sales and business growth of the potential partners of the Chinese side. According to the survey, we made a comprehensive analysis of 5 Chinese potential partners and evaluated the future performance risk more accurately.

Case study: reducing the legal risk in MA operations
The United States XXX investment advisory company in the acquisition of domestic production enterprises, I entrust center first to the enterprise legitimacy and effectiveness, land and property rights and equipment constraints, the target enterprise of significant transactions, debt issues in-depth investigation, we have provided complete and detailed according to the requirements of the final the analysis report, so that customers very satisfied.....
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