Employee Surveys
Pre-employment survey
In response to high-end positions, key positions or specific important positions of customers, Shanghai Ao-zhi Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. conducts in-depth and comprehensive background investigation on its proposed talents to prevent employment risks and employer traps.

To ensure that the company employs talents that are really needed and adapted. The main items of the pre-employment background check include:

Basic information background survey
Citizenship verification
Resident address survey
Driver's license inquiry
Vehicle file inquiry

Education and training background survey
Academic education verification
Professional certificate verification
Important training verification

Work history background survey
Work history verification
Salary and welfare survey
Equity option survey
Work ability assessment
Work awareness assessment
Work performance assessment

Employment risk background survey
Reasons for leaving the job
Professional ethics assessment
Non-competition investigation
Training protocol verification
Labor dispute investigation
Enterprise reward and punishment investigation
Criminal record inquiry
Litigation record inquiry
Drug abuse record inquiry
Credit record inquiry

Specific project background survey
Personality characteristics assessment
Specific project verification

Risk assessment in employee employment
Help companies understand their core competencies better, employee stability assessment, employee loyalty assessment, and timely eliminate potential hidden positions in key positions. Create a loyal team for the company.

The items to be included include:
Employment risk background investigation
On-the-job competency assessment
In-service integrity assessment
On-the-job stability assessment
In-service loyalty assessment

Resignation risk background investigation
After the separation of individual unemployed employees, they may cause intentional disclosure or intentional infringement of important business secrets such as the original employer's products, technology, business partners, formulas, etc., causing significant losses or even crisis.

The resignation personnel of Shanghai Minzhi Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. follow-up investigation business is to help customers follow up the career orientation and professional behavior of the departing employees, so as to relieve you from worries. The main items of the departure background check include:

Post-employment work status survey
Post-employment work unit survey
Post-employment job survey
After-service job performance survey
Post-employment non-competition investigation
Shanghai Ao-zhi Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. provides diversified and personalized background investigation services for each customer's different needs, and provides a unique intimate service.

Employee Surveys services
service items
Background survey content
Investigation period
Investigation process
Standard service
Standardized background investigation service contract, standardized service project, standardization of each item. 5 days Standardized operation process, check from the Ao-zhi company work flow chart and description Unified standard price
Menu service
Provide a list of survey service items by for the customer to selected and combination Determined by the service content Sum
Single service
Provide a special back-end service for a specific content based on a customer's individual requirements Determined by the service content Single price
Custom service
We could develop personalized solutions for customers according to the customer's personalized needs. Determined by the
service content
According to actual needs. Sum
The principle of authorization:
All background investigation services conducted by Shanghai Aozhi Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. shall be conducted under the relevant authorization; and only background information related to work shall be investigated, not involving the personal stability and privacy of the respondents, so as to fully protect the privacy of the respondents; in special circumstances, we shall conduct background investigation related to non-work. Seek the corresponding special authorization.

Objective principles:
In the service process, Jianxian Backtone Network has always adhered to the principle of objectivity and practicality, and achieved the "four no" for all information of enterprises and candidates - not to speak up, not to pretend, not to conceal, not to pack, and to promote customers and candidates to make objective and correct judgments.

The principle of Independence:
As an independent professional third-party background survey company, See True Backtone Network provides objective and authentic background survey information through independent and authoritative information channels; we also hold an independent attitude towards the results of the backtone, and do not provide judgments or tendentious opinions from institutions or individual consultants. The final information evaluation and decision-making judgments are based on Customers independently make.

The principle of confidentiality:
Shanghai AoZhi Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. complies with the "three stringent" standards throughout the process - rigorous operating procedures, strict confidentiality system, strict work discipline, to ensure that customers, candidates and certifiers of confidential information and legitimate rights and interests, to protect the professional safety of personnel, customer information security and the security of the rights and interests of the certifier, no Investigation does not affect the candidate's current job unless there is a special authorization. To this end, we will sign a "confidentiality agreement" or confidentiality clause with the relevant parties to ensure that the protection of secrets can be legally guaranteed.

The principle of reliability:
As the most authoritative personal background survey company in China, the quality of Shanghai Aozhi Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. has been repeatedly verified by more than 1200 international and domestic outstanding customers; the success comes from our long-term accumulation of resources, professional confidence of the consultant team and strict internal management standards; the acceptance of background survey projects. We also need adequate reliability assessment in advance.

Legal principles:
Shanghai AoZhi Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. does not contact or undertake illegal business, and pays attention to standardization of procedure and legitimacy of process. It is the basic requirement of every employee of Shanghai Aozhi Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. to abide by the law, have a strong sense of social responsibility and public welfare awareness.

Principle of defence:
If the information provided by the respondents during the investigation is inconsistent with the objective and authoritative data or information provided by the certifier and is obviously unfavorable to the respondents, the client shall give the respondents the right to plead.
Case 1: the applicant provides a proof of the case
A famous Real Estate Company needs to recruit the office director. They are very satisfied with a boy. They commissioned the whole people net to do background investigation for the candidate. As the candidates have been engaged in a long period of time and have planned many projects, He is senior executives, and we have carried out a full range of deep verification. When communicating with the applicant provided by the applicant, we find that there is a clear illusion of information. We searched all the companies that he worked for and searched the related personnel, which confirmed that the performance of the applicant was quite different from that of the resume and the references. The company’s evaluation of him was negative and the wages were false. After 5 days, a complete and detailed report was sent to the customer, and the customer was very satisfied with our verification results.

Suggestions: enterprises in the recruitment of the best to do a background check, now resume is packing perfectly, although the interview process, but candidates are experienced veteran, the slightest mistake will be deceived, suggestions on the resume that people should be carefully verified, not to believe the applicants to provide proof man’s testimony.

Case 2: the impartiality of an independent third party background survey
A famous energy company recently recruited a financial director. Through the headhunter, the boss of the group interviewed the job seeker K, and it felt good after the interview. It can be said that the boss has selected K. Before it was hired, the company commissioned a headhunter to understand the background of the K. The headhunter feedback information is: K is normal in the original unit professional conduct, and the team is strong. And energy company HR understands that K does not work well, and the company"s important projects are not responsible for K. Energy companies are trapped in the judgment of multiple information. Subsequently, the energy company HR found aozhi--a professional third party staff background survey company, requiring a comprehensive verification of K. After verifying by many parties, aozhi found that K failed to get the corresponding remuneration in the original company, and took away the key of the company"s financial safety cabinet when leaving. It caused the inconvenience of other departments" work and made HR shoulder huge responsibilities. After receiving the verification report, the energy company decided to give up the employment K

Suggestion: the nature of the headhunters and the starting point of their interests determine their limitations, and the independent third party companies can do a fair and objective and comprehensive verification.

Case 3: a powerful search engine makes the background survey more accurate
A well-known aviation company C recently in major financial decision-making mistakes are frequent, so the personnel department decided to do background checks on the newly appointed chief financial officer K. C company contact aozhi We are asked to re check the resume of K. After verification, this experienced CFO resume is true, but a famous university he graduated from can provide academic record for some time, and the customer is in urgent need of results. And K has a long time to graduate, and it also makes the verification work difficult.After,aozhi using its powerful search engine, it contacted 20 alumni of the same class economic management department in K, and proved that K is not the school graduate"s suspicion of academic fraud. The results of the whole human network enabled C to quickly find the root of the problem and prevent further losses in time.

Suggestion: the background survey company is best to make detailed background checks when it is employed at the top level. The wrong choice will allow the company to suffer more losses. The strong technical support provided by the professional third party staff background survey company makes the verification results more real and timely.

Case 4: Hire negligence lead the wolf into the house
There is a computer sales company L in Shanghai, as the market demand continues to grow, the HR department has hired a salesman T after a simple screening and interview. T has performed well in the interview and has related sales experience. Shortly after the start of the T, it helped the company to sign a 1 million supply contract with the XF company. When T is fully responsible for all matters, the goods are issued, but they have not received the money. L the door Dunning at the end of the year sent, we found that XF has gone. L has filed a lawsuit against XF, but it is difficult to recover the loss. And T, as a hand man, has caused huge losses to the company. L then disposes of T and collated the data to find that T was in the XF company. In order to understand the true situation of T, L company is in contact with the whole person and authorizes all people to carry out a full range of background investigation to the T. Under the thorough investigation of professional team, we know that T is the main shareholder of XF company, and T has even had a record of fraud conviction. L"s people do not observe, no comprehensive understanding of employees, making T take advantage of premeditated fraud.

Suggestions: Background investigation professional can understand the comprehensive information of job seekers, and one does not conform to the requirements of the staff, it will affect the efficiency of the company, it may bring to the enterprise, hit. The human resources department should also have a full investigation and understanding of the staff after the traditional interview of the written examination, and to introduce a truly high-quality talent for the enterprise.

Case 5: An effective background survey is a double insurance for successful recruitment
The personnel director Mandy suffered a "Waterloo sales director job recruitment". Among many candidates, Mandy recommends a B who claims to be a sales manager in a multinational company and has created excellent sales performance. The image of B is for sales occupation, theoretical knowledge is very rich, and in the interview, the interviewer conquered, successfully won the sales director positions. But B was the sales director of the company, but failed to bring good turnover to the en.

Mandy commissioned the whole man network to understand the background of B. This person was indeed a "sales manager" in a multinational company and did the performance. However, the definition of "sales manager" in the MNCs is only the sales of large customers, and the achievement they perform is just the personal sales performance, and at the same time, the person does not take the responsibility of management. B"s knowledge of sales theory comes from an overseas training at the job of the last employer.

Suggestions: the cost of recruiting a person can be calculated in addition to the cost of recruitment advertisements, the time cost of interviewers, and the cost of training posts. Before the candidates are formally recruited, effective background investigation is conducted to check the candidates" morality, diligence, skills and energy, which can optimize recruitment means and improve the success rate of recruitment.
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