Shanghai Ao-Zhi Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, it has separate offices in Shanghai,Suzhou,Guangzhou. After years of development, Ao-Zhi has formed long-term and stable strategic cooperation with professional institutions in many countries and regions in the world and has a comprehensive, professional and efficient investigation network. Ao-Zhi is a long-term partner of more than 500 Fortune 500 companies and famous brands, specializing in commercial due diligence services, intellectual property protection, competitive restrictions investigation, employee background check, cyber security prevention, anti-fraud investigation,corporate crisis public relations , Corporate accounts receivable management, to provide customers a full range of risk control solutions.

Ao-Zhi not only has a professional operation and management team, but also set up, including senior law firms, accounting firms, commercial due diligence team, investment team, commercial risk investigation department, professional and authoritative advisory team, including intellectual property protection experts, For the development of customers in a timely manner to provide comprehensive professional services.

"Intellectual property investigation company"+ "Law firm" model.
Application subject: Shanghai Ao-Zhi Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.+Shanghai zinger law office.

Ao-Zhi’s mainly responsible for the early and mid-term work of intellectual property, such as investigation and evidence collection, law enforcement actions, etc. Zinger law’s mainly responsible for the later work of intellectual property, such as issuing lawyers' letters, litigation claims, etc.

We are different from other Intellectual property investigation company because of law firm involvement; and we are different from other law office because of Intellectual property investigation involvement.

We have the professional ethics, strict confidentiality and we would respect for business.
The main staff of our team are industry veterans.
Good results stem from actual operation.
The guarantee of success in the business is in the team, not the individual.
Train services:
“intellectual property investigation company”+ "law firm" model.
Wide network:
companies we built in Suzhou and Shanghai, and representative offices in other parts of the Yangtze River Delta have formed a network coverage.
Wide social resources:
In the long-term work, we have formed a good interactive relationship with law enforcement agencies in many places, such as labor, inspection, law, industry and commerce, technical supervision, customs and other offices.
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